Bangladesh a new industrial hotzone and industrial accidents there

Though we deal in land throughout Asia we continually find that Bangladesh is a key component of our business and have one of out biggest bases of operations there. China is experiencing a wage growth and where many assume that means India will fill the gap it is not always the case and Bangladesh has seen companies transfer businesses there too; Bloomberg mentions the American giant Walmart and the UK owners of Primark have bases of operation there and provides a nice overview of Bangladesh exports. Even though this move is in response to China’s increasing wages it often also comes with a call to improve conditions there which our mix of international building planners and survey people can and do assist in. Also in many ways Bangladesh is something like China in the late 1990′s in that international business is quite capable of being done but you really want someone versed in how things are done and that is where our mix of international buyers and handlers with locals on the ground wherever we might be trading has proven very lucrative.

The spectre that now looms over this all is the both the recent building collapse and a slightly longer term issue with conditions. Though we lend our voice to the chorus concerning conditions it is the land and buildings where we deal best. In most places we do business our main model is repurposing existing properties or seeking land to construct new ones on with commercial/industrial making up a large component of that and what remains is often still occupied with big construction projects.Part of any of this is getting permissions and part of that, as well as general due diligence, is to undertake a survey of the structures and/or the land for defects, contaminations and similar concerns. Obviously local requirements are met as part of this but where local requirements might not be as stringent as they could be we go further; we have friends and family that have to live with the consequences both physically and in business and as memories in Bangladesh and in those hailing from there are very long where such things are concerned it is only the foolhardy that would chance things here; anti wal mart sentiments are already on the rise in Bangladesh and they will have to make serious efforts to win back the trust of everybody concerned.