Our business model

Make Money Buying and Selling Properties in the Fastest Growing Cities in Asia!

Sounds to Good to be True and Simple??

We offer a full money back guarantee within 90 days, minus any profit already paid!

Worked example

This is how we turn £500 Minimum Capital in to a continue income of £18-25 every calendar month projected for year 2012


  • Property Value $100,000.00 USD

  • We pay 10% of £100,000.00 USD, which is £10,000.00 USD

  • The balance of $90,000.00 USD is paid by installments of 5 years at $1500.00 USD per month.

  • We hold and sell the property within 3-4 months at a higher value, say 10% making us a total profit of £10,000.00 USD within 3-4 month.

  • After paying for all the expenses related with deal we are left with £3000-4000 USD giving us a return of 33-35% in the first three months!! This income is then paid to all partners every calendar month. First Monday of every new month, either direct to your bank or by cheque.

  • Approximately 3-4 properties are bought and sold within a group over a period of 12 months.